Full Body 3D Scanning at Your Museum

Rather than selling just standard tchotchkes that your museum guests won’t keep and/or won’t display for very long, why not give them a 3D printed figurine of themselves with your museum logo on the base so they can have a permanent memory of their visit to your new store and be able to¬†easily share that memory with many of their friends and family members?

Many museums have benefited from hiring a Twindom Partner to operate at their gift shops — and for the operators, museums are a great location type to get their name out to the community as well.

If you believe that 3D printed figurines would be out of your guests’ budgets, offering 3D scans to create smartphone holograms, animations, or other digital products can be more cost-effective and still provide the same benefit to your museum’s brand by putting your logo on those digital products, all options that are built in to the Twindom platform.

3D Scanning at Museums

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Twindom combines proprietary technology and top-of-the-line production tools to bring 3D photography businesses to life. Our scalable solution is designed to operate across a range of full-body scanning photography business models. As you begin to set up your 3D scanning and printing business, we recommend taking the following parameters into consideration:

Max Operational Days/Year
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Potential Annual Revenue
Fixed Costs
Operational Costs